UN CyberSchoolBus

UN CyberSchoolBus

The UN CyberSchoolBus intends to participate in the consortium by offering lesson plans and project ideas on global issues that classrooms from around the world can work on collaboratively . These topics provide learning opportunities that will lead students to explore and develop social responsibility.

The website includes thousands of pages with links to UN documents and other sites. Teachers and students can access information they need to learn about global issues and participate in finding solutions to global problems.


Web site: www.un.org/cyberschoolbus

Contact: cyberschoolbus@un.org
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Pictures for Peace
These pictures can be looked at online or used as a springboard for talking about the idea of peace and what it means for children.

Peace Flag Project
We asked students who visited our site, "What would a flag for world peace look like"? Here are some of the results users sent in. This project has been replicated in many schools. Come look at the winners, the finalists, and our gallery with just some of the entries from young artists all over the world.

Peace Poem
Every primary (grades K-6), middle (grades 7-9) and secondary (grades 10-12) school (including home-schools) around the world was invited to submit, via e-mail, two lines of poetry about peace to the United Nations. Once collected, the lines were collated together into one long Peace Poem, and redistributed to all participants as well as posted on the Web. This project will surprise and move you.

Cities of the World Gallery
In cooperation with International Paint Pals, young artists made art about their cities, towns, neighborhoods, and homes. This project is good for cross-curriculum project linking art and social studies classes.



One of our popular features is the interactive statistics database, which puts important facts about countries at students' fingertips (geographical, social, and economic stats) for multiple countries at once.

Poverty Curriculum
Seven units that explore the interconnected causes and effects of poverty and highlights the best ways to fight it.

Peace Curriculum
Five teaching units focusing on nonviolence, respect for human rights and dignity, social justice and civic responsibility, global awareness, and environmental sustainability.

Cities Curriculum
Cities are one of humanity's most complex and sophisticated forms of social organization. This curriculum provides a systematic and interactive study of cities for primary, middle and secondary schools around the world. From a historical overview of urban development to specific studies of urban violence or homelessness, the 6 weekly units in this curriculum cover all major aspects of cities and their global and local importance.

International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination
A list of resources about fighting racism and discrimination. There are some essays, panels & articles for teachers and facilitators.