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ePALS connects 4.5 million students and teachers in 191 countries for teacher-designed cross-cultural and interactive projects. Classrooms use monitored email, language translation, discussion boards, maps and more to work and learn together. Find a partner classroom and collaborate on school projects, practice foreign language skills and establish international friendships.

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Activities and Projects

ePALS SchoolMail

ePALS SchoolMail is a suite of safe and secure online communication tools, designed for easy integration into education environments. ePALS SchoolMail safely introduces email accounts to schools and districts, supplementing email with a comprehensive collection of learning and communication features.

The Way We Are

Produced in conjunction with teachers from different nations, this project aims to break down commonly held steretypes about people in other regions of the world. Students exchange information and become personally familiar with an individual, a culture, and a community. This project also leads into discussions about International Development issues and is a simple email project promoting tolerance and respect.

No Two Snowflakes are Alike

ePALS and UNICEF Canada enage students in an ongoing, collaborastive learning project that promotes multi-cultural education for development and global citizenship. Six structured activities can be done independently of one another. This project runs throughout the year an dis geared towards students aged 10 and up.

War Affected Children

This ongoing series of chapter summaries examine the impact of war on children. It is inspired by the work of Graca Machel, the wife of Nelson Mandela and a recognized leader in calling the world to action against this global issue. This project provides a place for students and teachers to gather and learn about the impact of war and armed conflict on young people around the world.

The Cinderella Project

Share your version of the story of Cinderella with your email partners and discover how different perspectives can influence a fairytale. In Canada, her chores may be shovelling snow, while in Egypt, her chores may be sweeping sand! This project runs throughout the year and is suitable for all ages.

The Friendship Flag

Learn about world flags as well as the flag of your own country and the flag of your new partner's country as you design your own with your ePALS partner! This project runs throughout the year and is suitable for all ages.

ePALS Book Club

Sometimes there can be no better common ground amongst youth than their favorite book, reading and literacy. ePALS Book Club has students from around the world talking about their books and authors, posting their comments, writings, surveys and reviews. There is no beginning or end to this project, and it can be used at any grade level.



ePALS provides teachers and students with:

- A searchable online community of over 90,000 classrooms from 191 countries.
- Access to the entire site in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese Arabic, and Japanese.
- An instant translation tool integrated into web mail and the discussion forums.
- Professionally moderated discussion forums andTeacher monitored web-mail accounts
- Secure password protected chat.
- A COPPA and BOBBY compliant site.
- Collaborative projects and activities.