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NetAid's mission is to mobilize people, particularly youth, in rich countries to make ending extreme poverty a global priority.

NetAid works with a range of organizations, including the United Nations, other nonprofits and private sector partners, to build a network of everyday people committed to working for a more peaceful and equal world.

Web site:

Phone: 212-537-0514
Fax: 212-537-0501

267Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016

NetAid’s Global Action Awards

Do you know an outstanding teenager who has made a real difference in the fight against global poverty? Then help us recognize them for their work! NetAid’s Global Action Awards honor young people ages 14-18 in the U.S. who are building a better world. Honorees will be awarded $5000 and recognized at an awards event in New York City.

NetAid is accepting applications from now until September 24th, 2004. For applications, posters or brochures to distribute at your school, email your request to: Find out how young people can apply at

Action Week 2004:

More than 1 million people from 110 countries participated in Action Week 2004—that’s one person speaking out for every 100 kids missing out on an education! Read what youth in the U.S. had to say and read inspiring stories from around the world with NetAid's Mapping a Million!

To find out more about Action Week 2004, check out:


Take Your Students on an Unforgettable Journey!

NetAid World Class is an educational role-play game designed to build global understanding and to engage young people in advocacy efforts on behalf of the world’s unschooled. To play, students take on the identity of a real child living in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As the game unfolds, students experience the many frustrations that kids living throughout the developing world face in accessing education. The result is a powerful lesson that serves as a springboard for meaningful discussions about global issues, while inspiring in students a sense of empathy and a desire to take action.

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