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Coverdell World Wise Schools

The Coverdell World Wise Schools program of the Peace Corps provides innovative educational resources that promote cross-cultural understanding, broaden perspectives, and encourage public service among America's youth. The materials are based largery on the experiences of Peace Corps Volunteers.

Web site:


Correspondence Match Program
Since 1989, World Wise Schools has helped more than 3 million US students communicate directly with Peace Corps Volunteers in more that 100 countries. Through the exchange of letters, artwork, artifacts, and other educational materials, Peace Corps Volunteers lead your students in an exploration of the countries and cultures of the world

For more information visit:

Speakers Match Program
Speakers Match links returned Peace Corps Volunteers in the United States with classroom teachers. Anyone wishing to host Peace Corps Volunteers to speak about their experiences in other countries can contact Speakers Match to request the name and contact information of a potential speaker who has returned from Peace Corps service.

For more information visit

Free Classroom Resources

In addition to the programs that connect teachers and students directly with Volunteers, World Wise Schools offers supporting classroom materials that teach the fundamental principles of understanding culture, geography, and service. Publications, also posted on the Web, are designed for use in social studies and language arts classes as well as foreign language and science classes. For more information on how to request guides such as Building Bridges (with exercises to teach tolerance and cross-cultural understanding) and Uncommon Journeys(Peace Corps-written literature with accompanying lesson plans), visit

Other Web-based Resources:
Podcasts: Subscribe to stories and folk tales written and read by Peace Corps Volunteers, released weekly and available online in a growing archive. Visit

Slide Shows:
Watch picture shows online, narrated by the Peace Corps Volunteers who created them. Visit

Sign up for a free monthly topical newsletter, World Wise Window, that will provide you with ideas and links for timely studies. Visit

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