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People To People International

People to People International (PTPI), with headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri USA, was established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on September 11, 1956 as a not-for-profit organization to advance international understanding and friendship, tolerance and world peace between people of all nations through direct people-to-people contacts. Today, our mission continues to enhance the foundation of our organization with educational, cultural and humanitarian programs for youth and adults worldwide. PTPI has a presence in 125 countries with more than 80,000 families and individuals actively participating in People to People International programs. Please visit for more information.
Web site:


School and Classroom Program
The PTPI School and Classroom Program pairs similar-age classrooms in different countries. Two classrooms form a partnership so students may work together on educational projects that improve their cultural understanding of one another. Projects as simple as pen pals or more complex to examine specific subjects or issues are offered in a program manual, which also provides guidance for effective communication and collaboration between classrooms. Contact:

  • Letter and Email Exchange
    Pen Pals! PTPI encourages classrooms to build the foundation of their relationship with this project, which acquaints students with those of their partner classroom. Classrooms may focus upon this project the entire duration of their partnership.
  • Peace Journals
    This project is possible through a partnership between PTPI and The Sept 12 International Student Guild. Peace Journals are created from the writings and artwork of students expressing goodwill, their hope for peace, their experiences, and the healing process for those who have suffered from war and political discord. Because these are genuine books, they will be available to schools, libraries and others worldwide.
  • Global Youth Murals
    This project invites primary, middle and secondary students from all nations to create murals illustrating their cultures, communities and their interpretation of the theme “peace through understanding.” Murals are exhibited at PTPI’s annual Global Youth Forum.
  • Hometown Project
    In this project students prepare information according to criteria for six topics, resulting in the creation of a comprehensive scrapbook about their hometown. Scrapbooks are exchanged between partner classrooms. Topics: General Description of Hometown, Our School and Education System, Our Religious Places and Practices, Our Hospital or Medical Services, Industry and Agriculture, and Our Families.
  • " Everyone Smiles in the Same Language”
    This project asks students to think about the power of a smile. They realize everyone, no matter their origin or location, smiles in the same language. Students select photographs of smiles -- their own, their pets, their families, their friends – to exchange with their partner classroom. Students also compose gratitude journals about the things or actions that make them smile.
Pen Pal Program
The PTPI Pen Pal Program fosters friendship and global understanding between people of different nations through letter or email exchange. Individuals age 13 and older may apply for a pen pal. Applicants are matched according to their age and interests. Individuals younger than age 13 may obtain pen friends through the PTPI School and Classroom Program. Contact

Global Youth Forum
At PTPI’s Global Youth Forum, young achievers from around the world explore various perspectives and skills while also experiencing an exciting new group of diverse people and cultures. A variety of dynamic speakers, interactive workshops and rewarding activities highlight this unique youth conference. Students leave the Global Youth Forum equipped with the tools and inspiration necessary to take action in promoting peace, tolerance and mutual understanding in their communities and nations. The 2005 Global Youth Forum will take place November 9-13 in Washington, D.C. Contact:

Peace Camp
The PTPI Peace Camp is designed to provide a peaceful, learning, open environment, wherein youth from around the world have an opportunity to interact with one another through lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities that will give the individual participants a realistic and constructive way to understand today’s global issues. The goal is to improve the student’s skill level and understanding of group development, planning, conflict resolution, inter-cultural communications, world issues, leadership skills and team building. The next Peace Camp will be held in Egypt. Contact:

Student Chapters
PTPI Student Chapters are volunteer organizations that give middle, secondary, and university students the opportunity to learn leadership skills, team building, personal accountability for their goals as well as promote peace and understanding in their school or community. A Student Chapter is a membership based club where students come together to make new friends, learn about other countries and cultures, have fun, as well as make a positive difference in the world around them. Students work together creating their own goals and activities which promote: focusing on the positive, taking personal responsibility for making a difference, humanitarianism, as well as enhancing international friendships. Contact:

Student Ambassador Program
PTPI Student Ambassadors travel overseas for two to three weeks during the summer to learn, share, and represent their communities and schools. From the Great Wall of China to South Africa's Cape, Student Ambassadors experience unparalleled opportunities for personal growth through an enriching program of educational and cultural interaction. By becoming a Student Ambassador, participants gain:
  • an appreciation for the world in which they live,
  • build their self-confidence,
  • enrich their education through learning in the global classroom
  • and develop increased levels of maturity and independence.

Experienced educators lead Student Ambassador delegations of 30-40 students. The program provides students a travel experience that's fun and educational. Contact:

Students in Ukraine sending e-mail messages


Students in Africa writing project essays


Global Mural Project


Student Attendees of Global Youth Forum


Chinese student greeting PTPI delegation


Student Chapter members organize food drive


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