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Relief International has 13 years experience with programs focused on bridging the gap from relief to development. By working to rebuild infrastructural capacity and providing micro-credit, target populations benefit from economic sustainability as a step toward restoration of livelihoods.

Schools Online develops innovative learning models utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to address the growing global digital divide. Today, our focus is worldwide, helping those marginalized and under-served schools located in developing and emerging countries. Schools Online has implemented programs at 387 schools in 32 countries, empowering students worldwide with access to information and communication resources.

In 2003 Relief International and Schools Online merged to combine their respective strengths in relief and development and technology in education.

RI-SOL is on the cutting edge of 21st century development that focuses on bridging the digital divide by enhancing participating countries’ capacity to create knowledge-based economies. RI-SOL is active in over 40 countries implementing programs that provide services to empower beneficiaries through emphasizing education, civic participation, online collaborative projects, and teacher exchanges

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RI-SOL ICT in education programs:

  • Accelerate educational achievement in order to close the gap between students in resource deficient areas and their regional counterparts
  • Open society to free information and the outside world
  • Provide young people with ICT skills, access to new information, opportunities to engage in collaborative learning projects, and civic education
  • Encourage young adults to initiate activities that will contribute to the development of their life skills and future opportunities

Educational Development

What We Do:

  • Identify schools in marginalized communities
    where technology is most needed and least likely to be provided
  • Create Internet Learning Centers where it makes the most difference
  • Provide training & teacher development
  • Online collaborative projects
  • Community based sustainability

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing appropriate technology and Internet access,
  • Facilitating teacher professional development,
  • Cultivating online educational and cross-cultural projects,
  • Developing locally-driven and sustainable Internet Learning Centers, and
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience.


RI-SOL has a library of resources on ICT and education:

Web mentoring
A site to assist teachers on how to integrate ICT and the Internet into their daily classroom activities.

Connectivity Guide: An Introduction to Internet Connectivity Solutions.

Internet Learning Center Model: Guidelines for building cost-effective Internet Learning Centers (ILC) with reliable access to the Internet. Internet Learning Center

Technical Specifications: Technical Guidelines to assist Project Coordinators with identifying vendors, selecting equipment, and reviewing bids.

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