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American Kids Help Children in Afghanistan Get Back to School with FTE's SOS Project

Donations to SOS (Schools Outfitting Schools) project provide supplies to classrooms in Afghanistan

The national campaign is part of FTE's effort to expand links between youth in elementary and secondary education around the world. SOS offers them an easy and effective way to reach out to their peers while providing an opportunity to participate in a global humanitarian effort and learn about the values of international collaboration and global citizenship. Further, it builds relationships for future direct school-to-school links between schools in the US and those in Afghanistan.

SOS Funds from schools or individuals will be distributed through the following organizations:

Afghans for Civil Society

SOS Funds will be used for schools in Kandahar. Staff members meet with school administration and teachers to help them prioritize their needs. They then accompany them to the local bazaar to buy the needed items or, if the request is for items such as desks and chairs, arranges to have them built by local labor.

Afghans for Civil Society
30 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA, 02138

Relief International

SOS funds will be used for the Afghans Schools Project. Since January 2002, the Afghan Schools Project has built over 250 classrooms, allowing 30,000 children to return to school. According to the Afghan Ministry of Education, a further 2,500 schools need to be constructed. With your help, we can work to ensure that every Afghan child can go "Back-to-School".

Web site:

Afghan Schools Project
Relief International
1575 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90024

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

SOS funds will be used to purchase UNICEF's School-In-A-Box kits, which are designed to meet educational needs of Afghan teachers and students. Each UNICEF School-In-A-Box educational kit costs US$300, and contains enough supplies to support 80 students, bringing the cost per student breakdown to US$3.75. Among the supplies are 25 items for teachers and 11 items for students, including chalkboards and chalk, paper and writing instruments, and other basic education curriculum materials.

Web site:

Telephone: 1-800-FOR-KIDS
333 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10036

To participate in SOS, teachers and parents can send donations to Friendship through Education indicating either Afghans for Civil Society, Relief International or U.S. Fund for UNICEF as the agency for distribution.

Make checks payable to Friendship through Education and mail to:

Friendship through Education-SOS Campaign
475 Riverside Drive Suite 450
New York, NY 10015

Although the organizations providing supplies for schools in Afghanistan may have methods to contribute through their web pages only schools and individuals who contribute through the Friendship through Education SOS campaign will receive a special certificate honoring their participation. Photos of shipments being delivered in Afghanistan will also be available for viewing at the Friendship Through Education web site.

For more information contact:

Frienship through Education
212 870-2693





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